Recommended Books

Toensmeier’s book, Paradise Lot, was the first book I tackled in my journey towards learning more about permaculture.  I feel that it was the best book to start with, because it really allowed me to see the goal of permaculture and what to expect on the journey of establishing permaculture in my own home garden.  The book takes you on Toensmeier’s journey as he and his fellow permaculturist, Jonathan Bates, turn an 1/8 of an acre into a permacultural paradise.  It takes you through their trials and tribulations, as well as how this journey affected who they are as individuals and their life journeys.  If you’re looking for your first book into permaculture, or even your 100th, I highly recommend this book.

The second book in my journey was Toby Hemenway’s Gaia’s Garden.  It was a great transition from the story and idea of permaculture to the application of it.  I found every page thoroughly informative and extremely helpful in how to start implementing this idea into my yard.  I can see this being a reference for many years to come.