Herbaceous Plants

After extensive research, during the planning stage of our permaculture yard, I came up with the following list that can work well in my Zone 5b, semi-arid, Colorado climate.  Please note that this list hasn’t been tested yet.  I will update as I test species in my yard.  It is purely based on research.

Herbaceous Layer Plants
Type of Plant Specific breed Notes Source
Allium Regular Chives Full to Part Sun


Bloom: Lavender

Garlic Chives Full to Part Sun


Bloom: White

Wild Garlic (allium canadense) Full sun, part shade, shade

Height: 18 inches

Bloom: Pink

Wild Leek/Ramps (allium tricoccum) Part shade, shade

Height: 8 inches

Bloom: White



  Prefers streamside habitat/ gravelly soils

Sun (needs afternoon shade) or shade

Wide-spreading rhizomes – invasive with wet soil

Flowers in early spring/late winter

Will grow out into shallow water

Chamomile Roman Full to part sun


Sandy soil

Cutting Celery   Full to Part Sun


Bloom: White, late summer

Echinacea Magnus Full to Part Sun

48”H x 36”S

Bloom: Magenta Purple, Mid-Summer to Fall

Purple Coneflower Full to Part Sun

48”H x 24”S

Bloom: Magenta Purple, Summer to Fall

Good King Henry   Partial shade

Not very drought tolerant

Not picky for soil

15 plants good for 2 people

To use as groundcover, plant 1 ft apart

Flowering – May-Sept

1-3 feet tall

Horseradish   Full sun, tolerates light shade  
Lavender Grosso Zone 5 Hardy

Bloom: Summer – Early Fall

Rhubarb Valentine Heat-tolerant

Harvest: May


Sage Purple Hardy to Zone 5

Full Sun

Bloom: Blue, Summer