Food by Culture started as a website about food fermentation.  It was inspired by an off-handed comment my husband made one evening.  My husband, Travis, is a beer brewer and archaeologist whose research focus is beer in the ancient world.  Due to his home brewing, I became interested in food fermentation.  I have always loved food, cooking, and gardening, but fermentation was something that I was afraid to touch until a couple of years ago.  After seeing how easy it was to brew beer, I tried my first batch of sauerkraut and kimchi.  Let’s just say that it wasn’t the best first attempt and I’m not quite sure if you could consider it edible, but I was still hooked.  I began reading everything on fermentation and food.  I started my own sourdough culture and have made multiple batches of fermented veggies since the first fateful encounter.  So, it wasn’t too out of the world when Travis suggested one night that I write a book on food fermentation.  He’s currently writing a book on beer in antiquity, so I think he thinks it’s a good idea for everyone.  Now, I am not quite in the place to write a book and am not entirely sure I even want to, but it did lead me to the idea of starting a food website.

As my interests with food grew, so did this website.  I have taken the liberty of interpreting the intersections of the woods “food” and “culture” to include food fermentation, food within cultures and societies, and growing food through the practice of permaculture.  So, you could say, that if food and the word “culture” appears in a topic, it most likely is addressed on this website.  I’m sure, as time goes on, I’ll find other things to connect “food” and “culture.”

About Me

My name is Sara and I live in the greater Denver area.  I am originally from the Big Island of Hawaii.  I love to travel, which is pretty clear in the picture I shared from Egypt, and I love to learn about other cultures.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree from the George Washington University in Biological Anthropology and a Master’s in Classical (Greek and Roman) Art and Archaeology.  I am about to graduate with my second Master’s degree in Information and Learning Technologies.  I currently work as an academic advisor at a public research university and teach at a local art school.  When not working with college students, you can usually find me enjoying my favorite fermented beverage, gardening, or playing with my dog, Kona.

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